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Headline:The French connection
Publication: Groove Category: Entertainment
Pub. Date: 3/7/08
Pub. Page: 11 
Creator:Bourne Carolle

THERE'S A NEW LUSHNESS to the current paintings of Catherine
Forter-Chee-A-Tow. She has moved rapidly from a prominent member of the
newcomers' art group to shades of Boscoe Holder . . . from somewhat naïve to

"I cherish the fact that as an artist, you give away a part of yourself with
each painting. A painting is not only about image, colour or technique."

Born in France, Barbados has been her home for two decades; the artist now
speaks of her love of social history and seeking out the works of "classic
French Caribbean writers"  Maryse Conde, Patrick Chamoisseau, Rafael
Confiant and also Sharon Maas of Guyana.

Her love of markets and the people who populate them shines through  in the
case of Bajan markets. She is drawn to trays and hats.

Incidentally, Holder claimed he owed his French influence to his mother and
her Martinique connections, and Forter-Chee-A-Tow credits days spent with
her grandmother "in a small town in the province of Cordoba" as transmitting
a fascination with markets to her.

"I paint markets for their rhythm and movement."

She's to be congratulated on her art collection 2008 running until March 28
at the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speightstown.

You'll respond readily to her richly coloured presentations, the joie de
vivre and innate sensuality.

Today's the last day to check out The Art & Science of Coral Reefs at the
Grand Salle of The Tom Adams Financial Centre. This brief exhibit of four
days was called under the auspices of the Coastal Zone Management Unit  it
starts at ten and is over by 4 p.m.

This evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Barbados Arts Council's Pelican Gallery,
poet Dana Gilkes  a member of Writers Ink  launches Anatomy Of A Scream, a
collection of intriguing poetry. Past winner of a Frank Collymore Literary
Arts Award, Gilkes won't disappoint.

Opening next Sunday at 6 p.m. at the Queen's Park Gallery, a retrospective
of work by artist Denyse Menard-Greenidge  and it shouldn't be missed.
Dubbed as UNVEILED, the exhibition runs until April 5.

by Carolle BOURNE