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Mr. Irving Burgie  Composer of the Barbados National Anthem & Harry Bellafonte Repertoire

(Compositeur de l’hymne National Barbadien et du repertoire d’Harry Bellafonte )

H.E. Duncan Taylor & Mrs. Bebe Taylor Governor of the Cayman Islands

University of the West Indies / Universite des Antilles ( Campus  Barbados  )

Dr. Rosemary Mallet   First Barbadian woman ordained by the Anglican Church

(Premiere femme Barbadienne ordonnee prêtre Anglican au Royaume Uni )

Mrs.Regine Sixt (Magnat Allemand de l’automobile/Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation/Consul Honoraire de Barbade en Allemagne)

Mr. Paul Russell ( Directeur Sony Music / co-fondateur MR2 Music)

Ambassadeur John Beale & Mrs. Leila Beale (  Ambassadeur de Barbade  a Washington )

Ambassadeur  Yvette Goddard (  Ambassadeur de  Barbade au  Bresil )

Ambassadeur Errol Humphrey & Mrs Cecile Humphrey

Mr. and Mrs. John Chandler   ( FisherPond Plantation )

Mr & Mrs. Adrian Elcock ( Director of the Barbados Tourism Association )

Lord Barrington

Sir Keith Mills

Mr. John Hargreaves ( Founder Matalan Store )

Mrs Linda Cooper ( Pollards Mill Plantation )

Mr & Mrs Andrew and Sonia Alleyne

Mr & Mrs Gary Burke, Colleton Great House

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